I found this touching article on Digg but I just have to share it.

I’ll summarize it for you:

A 10 year-old girl in Huntington Beach, California had a dying wish: to see the Pixar film “Up”. When it became clear at the beginning of June that Colby Curtin would pass away, a family friend contacted Pixar requesting a home viewing of the film, since Colby was too weak to go to the theatre. Acting quickly, a Pixar employee was flown in the next day with an “Up” DVD, movie poster and a bag full of plush movie characters. Seven hours after viewing the film, with her mom and dad nearby, Colby passed away.

It’s absolutely wonderful to hear about such a kind act, especially when it seems like we’re only been hearing bad news lately. Interestingly, Pixar declined to comment or reveal the identities of the employees involved. It sounds like it was possible some employees may have acted on their own due to the urgency of the situation. I would very much like to see the Consumerist follow up on this fantastic story (Edit: actually you can see their article here, but they didn’t reveal names or receive any official comment).

Colby’s mom, Lisa Curtin, explains in the article that Colby loved Pixar films because of all the animals that appear in their films. I’m sure she loved Doug (personally, he’s my favorite character):

When I saw “Up” a couple weeks ago I didn’t expect to cry so much. In the back of my mind I felt a bit silly since the tears just wouldn’t stop flowing, from one scene to the next. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever cried so close to the beginning of the movie. It felt a little strange, since I guess I’m used to tearing up at the end of films or during the climax. I hope I’m not spoiling anything for anyone, but I believe most if not all Pixar films are meant to touch viewers. I’m certain this story will touch the hearts of many.

– Vic