Misshapen Carrots Still Face EU Ban

Misshapen Carrots Still Face EU Ban

I recently listened to an NPR podcast called “In Europe, Irregular Produce Makes a Comeback”. Basically, for about twenty years now there’s been an EU policy that makes odd-looking fruit “unworthy of the marketplace”. The EU has basically been tossing out perfectly fine food for the simple fact that they are not aesthetically pleasing. Isn’t interesting how the Japanese charge a premium for square (cube?) watermelons and yet a bent cucumber is considered unmarketable in Britain?

So what I gather from this article, a lot of misshapen fruit and veggies have been tossed over a two decade period. What a waste of perfectly good food! I’m glad this ridiculous economic policy has been modified but there are certain fruits that are still regulated. Isn’t this just silly? If its such a problem why can’t they mark down the vegetables and sell them to lower-end supermarkets that don’t mind a blemish or a bent stalk here and there.

To be honest I don’t think the world should be picky…shouldn’t we be glad we have food on our plates as it is? Perhaps I’m being idealistic, however this regulation just seems like a silly relic of a bygone era.

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