This entry was inspired by a article “Fashion Fixes” as well as Emma Watson’s recent rainy day incident (her response to the situation was really cute on David Letterman :)). Also, I’m pretty sure we’ve all had our own little emergency situations when our make up, clothes or any other essential item decided to fail on us.

Edit: I wanted to add this Bridezilla viral video. Although it’s not real, it is a classic example of a “malfunction” and a bad response.

The Situation: You’re favourite work shirts are discolored in the armpit areas after a particularly hot or stressful day on the job.

Prevention Method: Use dress or garment shields. You can actually find them at your local drug or big box store. I am wary of recommending prescription strength antiperspirants because of all the stories about aluminum salts leading to Alzhiemer’s or breast cancer. There are alternatives but reviews are mixed, so I cannot recommend a particular brand unfortunately. Stick with the garment shields and change them as necessary.
Damage has been done: All methods required a “test run” to ensure they do not make the stains worse. For white shirts, using a ratio of 1:1:1 of hot water, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, scrub the affected areas and let them sit. Rinse solution off after half an hour of soaking and check to see if there’s a difference. For coloured shirts, try a bar of laundry soap or Shout Stain Remover on the area. I have also heard that OxyClean can remove these stains but I haven’t tried it so I can’t say for sure. Warning: Do not wash and dry shirts without treating them right after a particularly sweaty day, as they can set in the fabric from the dryer heat. Unfortunately, it’s very possible the shirts are cannot be salvaged at that point.

The Situation: A sharp foot pain as you walk down the street in your new heels reveals that you are now the unhappy owner of a blister (or two).

Prevention Method: Foot Petals, moleskin sheets and proper shoes. For moleskin sheets, I’ve experimented using them by covering the areas inside of my shoes that irritate my feet the most. Ensure that your shoes are roomy and do not press against your feet in an awkward way. Make sure never to purchase shoes that seem “snug” at the store because it’s very possible your feet will swell as you wear them over the course of regular day, making them much too tight.
Damage has been done: You’ll need rubbing alcohol, cotton ball, blister bandages and a pair of flipflops/flats. See your nearest dollar store or Old Navy for an inexpensive emergency pair of flip flops (during the spring/summer of course). Do not continue to wear the offending shoes because you’ll irritate or even cause the blister to break. Regardless of if the blister has broken or not, make sure to disinfect the area before putting on a blister bandage. Remember to consult your doctor for treatment and to prevent infection.

The Situation: Although your complexion was dewy in the morning, it quickly turned into an oil slick by mid-afternoon.

Prevention Method: Use the correct moisturizer and make up for your skin, depending on the season and weather. Research, read ingredient lists and ask a lot of questions at the sales counter when you make your next makeup/moisturizer purchase. Also make sure you ask for samples so you don’t have to waste money on products that don’t work. Be mindful of how your skin responds to certain foods, environments and your skincare routine. For example milk, seaweed and caffeine are believed to increase sebum production when ingested.
Damage has been Done: Oil-blotting sheets or wash your face with a gentle cleanser (last resort). Oil-blotting sheets come in all shapes, colors, sizes and material types and can range in price depending on the brand. I recommend the synthetic sheets like Clean and Clear for really oily skin, but make sure you follow prevention strategies to ensure you won’t have to regularly blot your face. Lightly powdered (and powder-free) versions are also available at the Body Shop and come in travel-sized packs of two.

Can you think of any other ‘malfunctions’ and/or their solutions that deserve a post? Leave a comment!

– Vic De Zen

P.S. Have a happy weekend everyone!