Okay, so the story of the month has got to be Tiger Woods right? I mean since everybody else is talking about it I guess I should too. What more is there to say though except: WTF!? Tiger, the count is up to 10 women. 10 Tiger! Really?! I mean honestly one is one thing. Two….hhhmmm …it’s pushing it, but you can still make a case, however small, on a simple relapse. A mistake if you will. But once you go past that, and moreover hit the number 10, a question should be raised: what’s the point of even getting married??? Why did you marry if you had this many “oats to sow”? Once you get past the initial shock you start to ask yourself another question: Am I really that surprised?

Tiger’s an icon in today’s world. He’s a true household name, the most widely regarded sports figure today and like the Michael Jordan’s and Kobe Bryant’s in this world, he will undoubtedly go down in history as the most dominant in his sport in his era. Also, like the other names mentioned, he will also be remembered now for one major scandal or another. Let’s be honest with ourselves. How surprising is it to find out that these powerful men can do such things? To play devils advocate for a second one can argue that being on the road way more than your at home takes its toll on you and therefore you seek “companionship”. Remember when Kobe Bryant was charged with sexual assault? He avoided jail time by admitting to adultery. Then there’s Michael Jordan who had divorced his wife Juanita in which ended up being the biggest divorce settlement in sports history. There was many a speculation that the main reason for divorce was Michael’s many nights of adulterous rendezvous. When you’re on the road as much as these people are, being hit on by seductive women wherever you go is it still that surprising that these men in their “infinite wisdom” will not succumb eventually?

Now let’s not get it twisted, am I condoning what these men do? No by no means, I think it’s a scum thing to do in any circumstance. But my point is, if we can come to terms with this reality being on the outside looking in, who’s to say that these wives haven’t already? I mean there is a reason, you haven’t heard of Vanessa leaving Kobe. Or it took over twenty years of marriage with Jordan for Juanita to finally call it quits. I think that sometimes it could be a consensus with these women, that they’re not just married to the man, they’re married to the lifestyle that comes with, making it harder to turn away. Unless of course you can settle for $168 million dollars and the house and kids. Or maybe these women really do love their husbands that much. Maybe they’re committed to the man through richer AND for poorer. What do you think? Personally I think I will be surprised if Elin Nordegren actually leaves Tiger.

Anyways that’s my rant. Not really meant for anything specific. But Tiger keep it in your pants buddy.

-Vic De Zen

10…my words what a whore!!!