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Ghost Hunters Encounter Strange Incident at Crescent Hotel

Muse – The Uprising (unofficial video)

I heard this last night on the radio and fell in love with it immediately! Other tracks I recommend from Muse is Hysteria and Knights of Cydonia.


Remember how your parents, teachers and those rabbits on TV would tell you not to talk to strangers? Well now you can (sort of)! You may encounter the odd troll or other irritating Internet denizens but some users are truly fun to talk to. Make sure to not reveal any personal information (like your name, address, credit card number :P) and have fun! Try to think of it as a fun social experiment, rather than a way to meet people. Again, use your discretion when using Omegle, as you would any other public chat room.

Flashback to the Stay Alert, Stay Safe Rabbits Bert and Gert:

Speaking of those rabbits, I thought it would give you a bit of nostalgia to see them again. Is it just me or do PSAs look dated regardless of if they’re new or not?

This was a pretty video heavy post, hope you guys enjoy them nonetheless.

– Vic De Zen


Today’s Linkage Wednesday post will be partially self-promotion and mostly links to interesting things that may (or may not) be added to your reading list.

The Muppet Show – Time in a Bottle

This song is possibly my favorite Muppet skit, particularly because its both bittersweet, funny and can be watched by all ages. Ultimately children may just think the silly man wanted to reverse his age and got too greedy while adults will think of how fleeting love and life can be. There’s a number of morals you could probably interpret from this.

  1. You can’t save time, it’s fleeting. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.
  2. You won’t find the solution to your problems in a bottle (cough).
  3. If you’ve found a way to reverse your age, don’t push your luck. Sometimes you’ll end up back where you started or worse (*thinks of plastic surgeries that went wrong*)

Ultimately everyone has their own interpretation and I don’t want to impose my opinion on you. Rather I would like to share this wonderful piece of puppetry and music. Hope you enjoy it!

Facebook Adds 50 Million Users in 3 Months

It looks as though Facebook’s growth rate is accelerating. 3 months ago they were celebrating the 200 millionth Facebook member and now they have reached their 250 millionth. Although the social networking website’s membership numbers are impressive, what do they really mean? Are these active members? Are they profiles devoted to Homer J. Simpson and other fictional characters from popular shows and movies? I guess the big question is when/if Facebook will jump the shark soon. What’s next in social networking websites? My guess is everyone will just get sick of them and tell the Internet to leave them alone :).

P.S. You can find my Facebook here:

Cruller Intentions

New Tim Hortons NYC Logo

New Tim Horton's NYC Logo

I’ve been mildly interested in how Americans will receive Tim Horton’s, partly because I feel it is one of the major companies associated with Canada (although it was incorporated in America before, it is now incorporated in Canada…whatever that means). This article details the launch and the differences between a Canadian Tim Horton’s and an American version. Personally I don’t like the changes. I feel Tim Horton’s is a homey place, and the modified logo makes it lose that appeal. We’ll see if the NYC denizens warm up to it. Actually the website I got this article from,, is one of my regular destinations. For news on my adopted city, I check this Gothamist network blog pretty much everyday. You’ll find articles, news and dates of events and a daily roundup of links to the top news stories in Toronto. More to the point, I really enjoy reading the Gothamist network, particularly the “Heard in …ist” where overheard conversations are posted on the website. Some of them are strange, others are funny and some just display the quirkiness of everyday people.

P.S. You can find out what I’m doing on the site through my profile: De Zen

– Vic De Zen

Since its the middle of the week and things tend to get a bit slow, I thought I should make Wednesdays a link dropping day. I will post fascinating news articles and websites that have kept me (and soon-to-be you) a smidgen less efficient. I’m certain that while it may slow down more important tasks (like paying your bills or replying to that very important email from your boss), these articles may enrich you a bit and possibly make you more interesting at those summer dinner parties :P.

The Man Who Sold the World By Michael Lewis

Found on and written by Michael Lewis, the author of the infamous “Liar’s Poker” (Read it, know it). To be honest, although I am generally aware of what precipitated the current financial situation that afflicts us, I was unaware of the details. This article explores the possibility that this situation can be traced to one Wall Street financial division and its head: AIG Financial Products and Joe Cassano. It’s a long five-page affair but a fascinating and well-written piece. (I must admit the title of the article somehow got Nirvana’s cover of “The Man Who Sold the World” stuck in my head for a while)

I came across this website while looking at a really interesting ad from Seoul, Korea. (See: Nikon D700 Guerrilla Style Billboard — I would not want to walk past that sign if I were epileptic) What struck me the most while looking at their posts was that European concepts for various products, had a certain something that North American design seems to lack. I can’t seem to put it into words…perhaps a certain imaginative quality? The entry on a German school designed by its students and architecture group Baupoliten was particularly interesting considering how they based the design on a the magical and fun concept of a Silver Dragon.

Erika-Mann Grundschule II classroom (Source:

Erika-Mann Grundschule II classroom (Source:

Resolved: She’s Just Not That Into You

Written by Taiye Tuokli-Wosornu (I had to check three times to make sure I spelled that correctly), this fascinating and admittedly bittersweet article can make you smile and cringe. Discussing the forever understanding and amazing girl that somehow makes every guy she befriends believe she’s the one (and vice versa). The truth is he’s not, and this infamous “G” type girl is liable to break your heart until you understand that you’re not the only one she’s so utterly fascinated by. I’m looking forward to the follow-up article discussing how to date such a girl. To be honest, I winced when I read this article because I know many male and female friends that have been in this situation. It doesn’t usually end well: friendships become splintered while lingering feelings of betrayal, unrequited love and bitterness are left in its wake. Let’s hope the next article has ways to resolve the ‘dating’ issue happily :).

I think that’s enough links for now, hope you all have a great Wednesday!

– Vic De Zen

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  • Horwath promises NDP will give Ontario full dental coverage, convert student loans to grants March 17, 2018
    An NDP government would provide Ontarians with dental benefits and convert post-secondary student loans to grants, said leader Andrea Horwath in a speech Saturday that gave a glimpse into her party’s election platform.“We know we can do better to make sure that everyone can build a good life, right here in Ontario,” she said, outlining five key parts of the […]
    Kristin Rushowy - Queen's Park Bureau
  • Sherman investigation initially focused only on Barry’s wife Honey as a murder victim March 17, 2018
    The Toronto police were investigating the murder of just Honey Sherman — not Barry and Honey — for almost a full month after the couple’s strangled bodies were found in their home, search warrant documents reveal. Information contained in these police documents sheds more light on the confusing start to the investigation into the deaths of the Shermans in wh […]
    Kevin Donovan - Chief Investigative Reporter
  • How alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur hid in plain sight for years March 16, 2018
    Warning: This article contains graphic details.To his friends and clients, Bruce McArthur was a gregarious white-haired landscaper who brought beauty to upscale Toronto neighbourhoods.But that pleasant demeanour masked a smouldering malevolence. He’s been charged with six counts of first-degree murder, accused of luring and murdering men, time and again.This […]
    Jacques Gallant - Legal Affairs Reporter,Paul Hunter - Feature Writer,Vjosa Isai - Staff Reporter
  • Police detonate suspicious package outside Air Canada Centre during Raptors game March 17, 2018
    Police detonated a suspicious package that was later found to be a plastic replica grenade near one of the entrances to the Air Canada Centre Friday night.The package was reported to police just before 6 p.m., prompting the immediate closure of Bremner Blvd. at York St. Police would close York St. and Lakeshore northbound an hour later. Just after 8 p.m., on […]
    Alexandra Jones - Staff Reporter,Tamar Harris - Staff Reporter
  • Chantal Hébert: Lessons of Jagmeet Singh’s week from self-inflicted hell March 16, 2018
    One of the first tasks of an opposition leader is to avoid providing a diversion from a government in trouble.Over the past week, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has failed rather spectacularly at that basic task.At a time when the prime minister is licking self-inflicted wounds from a poorly executed visit to India, Singh’s travails over his relationship with the […]
    Chantal Hébert - Star Columnist