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So here we are. Another Halloween come and gone.  The Halloween parties were a blast, the costumes have been used and put away for another year. At least for those who will recycle their costumes at some point in their lives and lets be honest, where is the fun in that? And the children.  Well the children are fine.  Bored out of their minds I’m sure, but fine.  And there in lies the slight problem:

I remember when I was a kid growing up with my friends.  Every Halloween, we would get ready with garbage bags, ya I said it, garbage bags.  We would go out trick-or-treating and we would not return until we filled up that garbage bag.  We had the time of our lives.  We would always be accompanied by an adult or two of course and we would go for quite a while. You would buy your costume for the Halloween party they would have at school, but the trick-or-treating was where it was at. What happened to those days??

Is it the ever escalating fear of the next door neighbours these days and the true “ghouls and goblins” that live next door to us?  So often we’re hearing of these stories of missing children. I’m sure you don’t want to have  you’re child as the latest victim in these mishaps.

Or maybe it’s the parents and their commitment to this night.  Lord knows it much harder for parents to follow their children door to door asking for candy when everybody’s trying to make ends meet.  I’m sure the mothers and fathers of the world are just looking for their beauty sleeps  for the long weeks ahead.

Either way Trick-or-Treating just isn’t the same as it was 10-15 years ago.  There was a time when you would expect no less then 50-100 kids walking to your doorstep.  You would be lucky if you were able to sit down between the sets of children who would come to your door. Now you’re lucky if you get 20.

I think there should be an emphasis placed on Trick-Or-Treating next year.  Lets make it a point to talk to our neighbors more often. Have the children interact with each other. make the neighborhoods a friendly safer place to be next year so children are able to Trick-or-Treat.  Otherwise what’s the point of buying those crazy kooky costumes?


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