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When will it end?  When will we see this annual period of complaints and money grubbing finally stop.  On the radio this morning, much to my dismay I was greeted with the splendid news that TTC is entertaining the idea of raising fares, yet again since they did not foresee their discounted metro passes sucking $17.4 million of their profits for this year.  Really as big of an organization  as that is, how can you not see this coming? And you can bet that when they’re done “entertaining” the idea of a price hike, what are they going to do?  Go on another strike to get what they want. Cross their arms and pout their lips until the city succumbs and says “okay how can we not give you what you want? By all means take a little extra!”

Is there anybody else sick of what they’re doing? Really I can’t be the only one.  And are these complaints falling on deaf ears?  For the most developed city in Canada and one of the most high-profile cities in the world in comparison, our transit system is lacking heavily and with all the fare hikes I have seen little improvements in the system.  With literally more than half the GTA commuting in and out of the city everyday, there has to be more money coming into the TTC then they let on.

I think instead of the fare increases, the TTC should be scrutinized and held accountable for the money that they are already earning.


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